Relative Advantage of Using Presentation Applications in the Classroom

Presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, are often times not used to their full potential in classrooms.  When used as note taking outlines during a lecture, there can so much information on each slide that students are reading and copying information rather than listening and thinking about the bigger picture or message.  When used effectively, there are many advantages to using presentation applications in the classroom.  In their book, Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, Roblyer and Doering (2012) state the following benefits that presentation software offers educators:

  • Helps organize thinking about a topic.
  • Enhances the impact of spoken information.
  • Allows collaboration on presentations.

Effective use of presentation software supports a presenter in getting a message across to their audience.  According to, some additional benefits are accommodating all learners’ needs, motivating students, and the ability to post presentations online as a resource for students.  One major technical advantage is being able to have everything in one place.  Pictures, videos, music, links to sites, and other learning aides can be embedded into presentations which enable them to be easily accessed at the appropriate time in the presentation.  It’s also a great way for students to be able to access the resource for future review.  When used to aid a lecture, note taking slide handouts containing main points can be given to students ahead of time as a way to help them organize the information you are sharing. 

When it comes to classroom management, having slides prepared ahead of time means you don’t have to write the information on the board during class.  Not only is classroom time saved, but you can keep your eyes on students rather than have your back to them.  With the use of a remote control, you can navigate through the classroom, checking on students as needed, while still continuing with your presentation from any spot in the room.   

There are many advantages to using presentation applications in classrooms.  It is important to remember, as with all teaching/learning tools, they need to be used appropriately.  Taking the time to create an effective presentation may take a lot of time upfront, but the having the ability to reflect on a presentation, modify it, and use it again in the future should be a strong motivator.



Roblyer, M.D, & Doering, A.H. (2012). Integrating educational technology into teaching (6th Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. 

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