EdTech 541 Final Course Blog Entry – Reflection and Self-Evaluation

Part 1: Course Reflection

Through this course, I have learned effective strategies for integrating technology into the classroom.  While researching and completing projects, I focused on the elementary classroom, particularly the 4th grade.  I accumulated and learned how to use a wide range of application tools, instructional software, and Internet-based programs, many of which are free, that can be integrated into curriculum to provide students with engaging lessons and activities.  I also identified and learned about the relative advantages of using such tools within the curriculum I create for students through current research on teaching and learning with technology.

The current research I used during this course provided me with great insight to using technology in the classroom.  The theories shared supported the need for technology integration at all levels of education.  It made me think about my role as an educator, especially when it comes to addressing “digital literacy” as I shared in my post on Obstacles and Solutions when Integrating Technology into Language Arts.  The current research articles also provided me with an abundant amount of resources that I can use to support the lessons and activities I create for students.

This course has helped me to develop many new skills as an educator.  I started the semester with a few technology tools in my pocket, but I am leaving with more practical and meaningful technology resources than I ever thought existed.  As a professional, I feel more encouraged to continue researching new tools and resources for technology integration throughout my career. I have realized that there are so many ways to teach the concepts I have taught in the past in much more meaningful ways that help to meet the diverse needs of students.

All of the projects I created during this course demonstrate the impact what I learned this semester has had on me.  Please visit the website I created using Google Sites to host the course projects: https://sites.google.com/a/u.boisestate.edu/nicole-hirai-edtech-541-final-project/.  The weekly projects encouraged me to find and explore many new technology resources.  They also forced me to create lessons outside of my comfort zone based on my previous teaching and learning experiences.  As a result of this course, I will continue to support lessons and activities I create with current research and theories surrounding technology integration.

Part 2: Self-Evaluation of My Performance

The following is a self-evaluation of my blog posts using the course blog rubric:

Content (68/70 points) – I feel that I provided a lot of rich and meaningful content throughout my blog posts based on the class readings and other resources I found.  I provided insightful thoughts that clearly connected to the topic of the week.  I analyzed the information I presented by providing clear connections to how it can be used in teaching.  I also received positive feedback from peers regarding my posts which make me feel like I did a good job in providing information to share that others could connect to.  Although I feel I provided a lot of details and depth of concepts, I probably could have made more connections to real life situations in some of my posts.

Readings & Resources (18/20 points) – I supported each of my blog posts with information from the assigned class text as well as other resources.  I used APA style incorrectly at first to cite text references, but figured out what I needed to do (include page numbers in citations) and started to do so.

Timeliness (18/20 points) – I posted all required blogs before the due date/time to allow time for others to respond to my entries. I tried to allow at least 24 hours for responses, but was not able to do so for a couple of the posts.  Despite a shorter response time than I normally provided, I still received feedback from peers on those posts.

Responses to Other Students (30/30 points) – I provided two or more substantial posts with at least one detailed response made to address another students’ post each week we had a blog assignment.  When providing a detailed response, I made sure to relate what was shared by my peers to something meaningful in my teaching and learning experiences.

Total Score: 134/140 points


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