Personal Introduction Image

August 30, 2013


I have created an image using Adobe Fireworks to introduce myself in the EdTech 506 course. The background is a picture I took of my favorite type of flowers, cherry blossoms.  Not only are they usually pink, but they bloom during my favorite season, spring.  I have included a list of the top things I like to do: jewelry making, baking, cooking, traveling, and shopping.  In addition to those, I enjoy spending time with my dog, Seamus, who keeps me healthy by making me take him running.  I currently live in Boise, Idaho, but grew up in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  Most of my family still lives there and I plan to eventually move back.  I included the quote by William Butler Yeats because it describes my passion towards education.  I hope to inspire others to do great things in their lifetime.