ACE it with PAT – Graphic Organizer


The users of my final project will be students from grades 4-12 and adult instructors.  The majority of the students are advanced readers.  Both students and instructors will follow this process when being introduced to programming for robotics.  This is intended to be an overview of the unit.

In the “create” phase of ACE, Lohr (2008) states that it “involves moving design from a conceptual form to a physical form” (p. 76).  I decided to make my design to look like stepping stones to show progression from the beginning of the unit to the final stage of applying what they learn.  I think this will help to emphasize that what they are learning builds on something they previously learned.

I think the Trebuchet font used to state each step will help to make this inviting for users because as Lohr (2008) stated, “many consider Sans Serif type more legible for computer-based instruction or presentation since the resolution of computer monitors is often not great enough to show serifs, making serif typefaces lose their legibility” (p. 221).  I also decided to incorporate the design of the word “robotics” from a previous assignment to start to tie everything together for my final project of this unit.

I had a friend look at the original graphic organizer I created where the outline of the hexagon boxes were all the same thickness. He suggested that I make them thicker to show the progression of the unit.  In the “evaluation” phase of ACE, one of the questions Lohr (2008) suggests asking is “Do cues in the visual help perception of selection, organization, and integration?” (p. 87).  I ended up making that change because I think it will help people to interpret it as a progression.

Lohr, L. (2008). Creating graphics for learning and performance (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.


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