White Space



The users of my final project will be students from grades 4-12 and adult instructors.  The majority of the students are advanced readers.  Students begin our program with either no or very limited programming skills. Each of the six sample programs in my image are provided for students to recreate using The Cortex programming environment and the Motor Testing Station they each build.  A short description of what is going to happen when the program in successfully transferred to The Brain robotic controller is provided along with tips for programming.

According to Lohr (2008), “Space can direct the eye to important information by chunking and separating instructional elements” (p. 272).  I create this in Adobe Fireworks and used the guidelines to help me have the same amount of space between each section of this graphic.  I was hoping to keep everything evenly spaced so a student’s attention wouldn’t necessarily be directed to one part of the page.  I also kept manipulating the width of the image to make it as narrow as possible so there would be as little difference in white space below the program descriptions as possible.  I still think this needs some work to have less white space in the second and fifth programming sections.

When adding in the program descriptions and tips for each section, I lessened the space between the description and tip.  Initially the space was that of one line of text, but it looked like there was too much separation between the two parts that are related.  Lohr (2008) stated, “It is space that separates phrases, clauses, and paragraphs from each other; and it is space that separates subsections and chapters from one another” (p. 272).

After getting feedback from my user test, I am considering creating a separate graphic for each of the six programs to allow for more focus on each of them or making each section the same size and centering each program section within the length of the space.

Lohr, L. (2008). Creating graphics for learning and performance (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.


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